Premium entertainment at the Mangrove Resort Hotel

Let us entertain you

The Mangrove Hotel is truly the place to be for entertainment in Broome.

Your invited to enjoy a variety of local and national artists performing live in an unforgettable outdoor concert experience. 

From March to October, Mangrove Hotel is the best place in town to view a rare Staircase to the Moon occurrence. This natural phenomenon happens when the tides of Roebuck Bay recede beneath a rising full moon, creating the illusion of a golden staircase ascending into the heavens. Listen to the sounds of the didgeridoo and enjoy this unique wonder.

Be sure to catch Broome’s annual Opera Under the Stars performance at the Cable Beach Amphitheatre and the famous Broome Cup horse races – both less than 10 minutes away.

With so many unique Broome events and attractions, there’s never a shortage of entertainment at the Mangrove Hotel.


Bouncy Castle - Every Sunday

The Mangrove Hotel is bouncing every Sunday. Watch the tide go out over the beautiful Roebuck Bay as the kids play on the 2 jumping castles.

Perrier Jouet Champagne Brunch

Join us for a Perrier Jouet Champagne Brunch.

Staircase to the Moon - 2016 viewing times


Join us at Mangrove Hotel to witness the Natural Phenonomen of Staircase to the Moon. 

March 2016
24 March 6.33pm 
25 March 7.11pm
26 March 7.50pm

April 2016
22 April 5.50pm 
23 April 6.30pm
24 April 7.12pm

May 2016
22 May 5.54pm 
23 May 6.40pm
24 May 7.29pm

June 2016
21 June 6.16pm
22 June 7.09pm
23 June 8.04pm

July 2016
20 July 5.56pm 
21 July 6.53pm
22 July 7.50pm

August 2016
19 August 6.37pm 
20 August 7.36pm
21 August 8.35pm

September 2016
17 September 6.21pm 
18 September 7.21pm
19 September 8.23pm

October 2016
16 October 6.04pm 
17 October 7.07pm
18 October 8.11pm

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